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3D - DMS

3D -DMS is comprehensive Web based ERP software solution for all types of Trade Commerce and it can be used as windows based also on Local Server (intranet). 3D DMS is the only web based accounting ERP software solution available in the market having all the following modules and sub modules integrated in one solution.

  • Highlights
  • Modules(12)
  • (Paperless Office)
  • Web Based
  • Documents Anywhere – Anytime even on Mobile
  • Quickly, Efficiently and Securely Manages Documents
  • Easy Navigation
  • Easy Search < Head Wise Folder Creations
  • Year wise Placement
  • Quick and Advanced Search Of Documents
  • Share the Documents with Access Control List (ACL),
  • Search by Date, Name, Subject
  • Edit And Create New Version
  • Environment Friendly