Specialized Builders

4. Specialized Builders & Contractors & Allied Activities services:

  1. Cost, Construction & Project Management Services
  2. It includes Multi Project & Multi User Construction Management, Web site connectivity for Online view of photos and videos of different units of the projects , Online Booking from anywhere in the world, Project wise AutoCAD based Cost and Tender Management….)

  3. Booking Management, Complete Accounting & whole of the back office Management Services
  4. Loan & Installments Management.
  5. The 3d builddown provides unique software services for Management of construction of Buildings, Bridges etc. including Material Management (Front Office/Project Management), Booking Management, Installments Management, Personal Accounts Management , Documents and Accounting (Complete Back office Management). Our Services includes:

a. Cost, Material and Construction Management>

  1. Designing of the Land/ Plot
  2. Designing of Building according to local laws
  3. Structure Designing
  4. Construction Designing
  5. Project Cost Calculation
  6. Tender Quotation Management
  7. Auto CAD Designing
  8. Project Designing
  9. Brochure Designing
  10. Web site development
  11. Floor & Room designing for website viewing
  12. Online display of the project through website
  13. Day to day construction Management
  14. Day to day calculation of
    1. Material,
    2. Labor,
    3. Machinery Requirement.
    4. As per Construction Schedule
  15. Day to Day Calculation of the Cost
  16. B. Accounts & Back Office Management

  17. Online booking of units of the project & Online receipts.
  18. Day to Day Accounting.
  19. Day to Day Purchase Management.
  20. TDS Deduction Management
  21. Day to Day Expenses Management
  22. Day to Day Project wise & Central Inventory Management
  23. Day to Day Bank Management
  24. Day to Day Document Management
  25. Personal Accounts Management
  26. Loans & Installments Management
  27. Day to Day Payroll Management
  28. Day to Day Voucher Management
  29. Day to Day to Financial Reporting
  30. Day to Day progress Reporting
  31. Filing tax returns
  32. Reports Management: Following Reports can be made available to clients as per their requirements:
    1. Monthly Ledger Accounts Reports
    2. Monthly receipts and Payment Reports
    3. Party wise Monthly Interest Reports
    4. Material required for the Project Reports
    5. Cost of the Project Reports
    6. Item wise Material requirement Reports
    7. Requirement of the Man power Reports
    8. Requirement of Machine Reports
    9. Date wise Fund Flow Reports
    10. Periodical Booking of Units Reports
    11. Periodical details of Department wise expenses Reports
    12. Periodical details of item wise purchases Reports
    13. Income & Expenditure Account Reports

    Receipt and Payment of Loans and Installments Management Services

    1. Loans Received and Payment and Interest payable/receivable on them.
    2. Installments receivable from different parties.
    3. Complete accounting & filing of TDS & other Tax Returns.