Specialised Hospital

2. Specialized Hospitals & Allied Activities Management Services

  1. Front Office (Doctors & Staff Management, Patient Registration, Hospital Rooms, OT, ICCU, Different Departments, Billing & Invoices)
  2. Book Keeping, Accounts, Payroll & HR, SCM, and Patients Relation Management with Documents & Tax returns filing Management.
  3. Front Office of the Hospital Management: The Hitech with rich experience of dedicated team of Hospital Management & Accounts Management Experts Provides Complete Hospital/ Nursing Home (Front Office Of Hospital) through The World’s best Software Solution 3D MEDIHOME. With the help of 3D MEDIHOME the virtual team of Hitech provides A to Z service for the Management of the Hospital starting from website connectivity of the software solution with website of the Hospital, Hospital Building & Rooms Management, Patient’s registration Management, Patients’ Documents & Prescription Management, Doctors Schedule Management, Patient’s Registration, Departmental service Management, ICCU & OT Management, OPD & IPD Management, Medical/Pharmacy Shop Management, Drugs & Disease Management, Different Departments of the Hospital Management, Billing & Invoice Management.
  4. Back office Management: Complete Book Keeping & Accounts of the Hospital Management, HR & Payroll Management, Supply Chain & Purchase Management, Patient’s Post & Pre treatment Management, E-mail & SMS Management, Tax filing Management, Correspondence with Govt. Authorities & Business Associates Management.

To be specific Our Hospital Management Services includes:

  1. Web site Development of the Hospitals.
  2. On Line Presentation of Hospitals.
  3. Online Presentation of Different charges for Different services.
  4. Day to Day Patients Registration Management.
  5. Day to Day Patients Documents Management
  6. Rooms & Services Management.
  7. OPD Management.
  8. Billing Management.
  9. Ambulance Management.
  10. Medical shop Management.
  11. Medicailm Management.
  12. Prescription Management.
  13. Drugs & Disease Management.
  14. Day to Day Invoice Management.
  15. Day to Day Accounting.
  16. Day to Day Purchase Management.
  17. Day to Day Inventory Management.
  18. Day to Day Cash & Bank Management.
  19. Day to Day Bank Reconciliation.
  20. Day to Day Document Management.
  21. Payroll Management.
  22. Voucher Management.
  23. TDS deduction Management.
  24. Day to day Expenses Management.
  25. Financial Reporting.
  26. Filing of TDS Returns.
  27. Filing of Tax Returns.
  28. Financial & General Reports Management
    1. Department wise working Reports
    2. Surgery Details Reports,
    3. Laboratory Master Reports,
    4. In/Out Visitor Patient Gate Pass Management,
    5. Patient Registration Report,
    6. Equipment Reports,
    7. Ambulance Management Reports,
    8. Blood Bank Management Reports,
    9. Floors Management Reports,
    10. Rooms Allocation/Availability Reports,
    11. IPD Pod/OPD IPod Management Reports,
  29. MIS & Intelligent Reports Management.