Specialized Hotel

3. Specialized Hotel & Allied Activities Management Service...

    1. Front Office Management Services: Web site management with Hotel Hospital working, Guest registration, Hotel’s building & Rooms Management, House Keeping Services, Rooms & Guest Booking Management, House Keeping Management, Stock & Inventory Management, Kitchen Management, Restaurant Management, Bars Management, Banquet Hall Management, Room Service Management, Package Management, Tours & Travels Management, Billing & Invoice.
    2. Book Keeping, Accounts, Payroll & HR, SCM, and Patients Relation Management with Documents & Tax Returns Filing Management. The Hitech with their virtual office at the client’s place of work provides all above Services with the assistance of their newly developed Software Solution 3D DHAM. To be Specific:

      Web site Development of the Hotel

  1. We provide facility for Insertion of photos of Building, Floors, Rooms, Restaurants, Bars, Banquet Halls and other Facilities of Each Hotel for online view of each of such facilities along with their situation in the Building of the Property. This facility is connected with Website of the Hotel to facilitate the viewing of Rooms. And also online view of Table arrangements of Restaurants & Bars and Banquet Halls to the Guest sitting at remote place.
  2. Facility for Connectivity of the Booking Module of the Software Solution with Website of the Hotel or the Group for online viewing, Checking availability and booking of Rooms & Restaurant tables
  3. Booking Reports such as booking list, customer details (date wise& group wise), booking charts etc.
  4. Invoice Report such as Customer invoice Date wise & Name wise
  5. Vendor Reports Name wise & Date wise
  6. Recipe Reports Room wise & Date wise
  7. Banquet hall Reports such as Booking, Billing, Stock consumption, Contractor details etc.
  8. Tours & Travels Reports such as Car booking, Cancellation, Check in, Driver details etc.
  9. Package Reports such as package list, booking list, cancellation list etc…
  10. Purchase item Reports such as Stock item Reports, Stock item date wise & item wise etc
  11. Restaurant Reports such as day to day consumption Reports, restaurant recipe details date wise & item wise etc.
  12. Restaurant grouping Reports
  13. Inventory Reports such as Date wise & Item wise…
  14. Employee Reports such as Salary slip, Appointment details, Department details, Designation details etc.
  15. Cash book Reports.
  16. Bank book Reports.
  17. Housekeeping Reports date wise & task wise.