For Transports


3D-OAM-T is comprehensive Web based ERP software solution for all types of Trade Commerce and it can be used as windows based also on Local Server (intranet). 3D-Oam-T is the only web based accounting ERP software solution available in the market having all the following modules and sub modules integrated in one solution.
In addition to offering all the modules in Oam, Oam T is specially designed for companies having Transport business. The billing is specially designed to suit the needs of the transport company. The software includes Vendor Management, Bilty Management, Document Management, Order Receipt and dispatch Management and a variety of different modules aptly suited for the transport company. The software covers all aspects of the delivery starting from dispatch of the item to its arrival at its destination.

Goods Receipt Bill

Name of the Transport Company with Logo
Sender’s Details
Name City Phone Truck
wise builty
Recipient Details
Cash Credit Details of Goods Received for Transportation Date --/---/---
Sr. No Details of
Quantity Weight Amount
Loading & Handling Charges
Other Charges
Service tax/ GST

Authorized Signature

Goods Transportation Bill

Transport Company Name with Logo Date GST no.
Truck No Driver Name
Sr. No Builty No Name of the
Name of the
Quanity Weight
  • Module(13)
  • Receipt and Dispatch Management
  • Sender & Receiver Registration and Management
  • Tracking of the package
  • Document Management System (Including Documents relating to Driver)
  • Bilty Management
  • Current Inventory Management
  • Package return Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Driver Registration & Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • SMS Management
  • Tax Calculation & Management
  • Reporting